Краны Инструкция по эксплуатации

1. AIM: Crane operation and use



3.1. Check the vineyard rail connections.

3.2. Check the rope is sound.

3.3. Check rope and hook connection.

3.4. Check that the rope sits on the drum bearings.

3.5. Press upper right button to lift

3.6. Press left upper button to download

3.7. Press center-right button to move the crane car to the right direction

3.8. Press center-left button to move the crane car in the left direction

3.9. Press the right-bottom button to move the bridge forward.

3.10. Press the lower left button to move the bridge back.

3.11. Check whether Vinci is operating normally by idling

3.12. Take care that the crane hook is in the middle of the load to be lifted.

3.13. Overload loading from Vince capacity.

3.14. Take care that the hook is well attached to the load to be lifted.

3.15. Hold the load by lifting 5-10cm and check if it holds the brakes.

3.16. Avoid hard movements and maneuvers which will adversely affect the vinci during lifting and lowering.

3.17. Do not stand under the moving crane.

3.18. Use in case of malfunction, let the authority know.

3.19. Ensure that the rope is found in oily conditions in dust free environments

3.20. Do not intervene with the bare hands.

3.21. Do not allow others to enter the workspace.

3.22. Press emergency stop button in case of danger.