1. How should we choose a crane?

First of all, prepare a list of what you want to do with the crane you want to buy.Include your expectations that you will need very infrequently as well as things that you think you will often do on this list.Decide whether you need Sensitive movements when using a crane.If you plan to do machine assembly or similar work, you will need to dock and unload parts without hitting each other.You can not solve this need with "hitting" which is a wrong habit.Determine how often you want to use the crane to lift the load at full capacity.Identify the lightest and heaviest parts you need to constantly lift and after that note their weight.Determine how often you need to do the jobs in the list that you have prepared and calculate how many times you will do in the hour.If you use your vincine as a processing machine that affects production capacity, determine the speeds you need according to the transportation distances. Communicate your specifications to the crane manufacturer and together with you, make the right choice for you.

2. What should we pay attention to when the crane is offered?

As stated in the above article, clearly state in writing expected work from crane, the type of load to carry, the frequency of your work and carriage distance for each time, work time and how many shifts the crane will work per day. Describe exactly the environment in which the crane will work. Absolutely specify clearly, If there are flammable or explosive gases, acid vapor, excessive moisture, corrosive effects such as sea water in the environment. Specify the work location and altitude of the Crane. Specify the voltage and frequency of the electrical energy to be supplied for the and specify power limit if there are. Describe clearly the situation of the expected installation time of the Crane installation site. Specify machine lifting capacity, movement distance between the upper and lower limits of the hook and distance between the rails on which the crane will move. Indicate the type and shape of the rails, and the wheel loads that are permitted by the beam. If there are any special situation related to your business or facility, be sure to indicate. Specify situation of highway, railway, seaway or shipping situations in container and if there are, specify the maximum part size and / or part weight limit. If you have special requirements for materials and equipment selection, be sure to indicate your request for offer. If you have a project approval request, please specify the scope and approval period.

Be sure to indicate your request for delivery time. Indicate whether the machine to be transported to the assembly site can be preserved in the stock area and specify when the assembly site can be delivered to our crews.

3. What should we pay attention to when we take delivery of the machine we bought?

When the machine is delivered, carefully check for obvious manufacturing defects, deficiencies according to the specification, and possible damage during transportation. If you detect an error, warn your manufacturer in writing. Receive full delivery of your crane's handling and maintenance manual, electrical diagrams, warranty document, and spare parts and accessories specified in the order. When assembling and starting your crane for the first time, be sure to assign a technical person who will be responsible for your business in the future to work with the assembly team to monitor and report the results. When assembling and operating your crane for the first time, assign a technical person who will be responsible for the operation of your crane in the future, to work with the assembly team to monitor and report on what has been done. While your machine is being tested with load, at least an admissions committee should be appointed consisting of the persons who are responsible for the operation of the machine and for the mechanical and electrical maintenance of your facility. The tests must be carried out by the manufacturer's authorized personnel in the presence of the admissions committee and The measured values shall be entered into the records with a report of at least two copies, to be signed by those involved in the tests. Before starting the tests, ask the manufacturer for information on the test procedure, the measurements to be made and the acceptable deviations of the values obtained. After a successful testing phase, the crane shall be operated with an acceptance certificate or delivery protocol to be signed by the authorities of the parties and transferred to the business owner. Warranty period starts from this transfer.

4. What are the things we should not do as a crane user?

Do not attempt to lift a load that exceeds the capacity of the crane in any way.It is extremely dangerous to drag objects on the ground with the crane hook and It is a movement that can permanently damage your crane.Before connecting the load to the hook, be sure to position the hook so that the load is exactly over the center of gravity.To pick up a load from a position the crane can not reach, lift a load on a car or rounded material, then bring it to the proper position horizontally.Do not play unnecessarily with the settings of limit switches that limit crane movements.Check at the beginning of each shift whether the limit switches are working.Take care not to hit the buffer counterparts at the end of the crane moving range or hit other cranes on the same rail.Never allow unauthorized persons to change brake settings except for routine checks.Before lifting the loads approaching the capacity of the crane, it is necessary to check the condition of the brakes by lifting the load a few cm each time.Do not allow unauthorized persons to step on your crane and perform maintenance.When repairing or servicing the crane, the crane's power must be disconnected.It is a vital precondition that only the caring team's authorityis locked in such a way that it can reopen it.Never allow the doors of the crane control panels to be left open.Never carry the load the crane carries on the machinery and equipment that over people and danger can create.The crane operator should safeguard the road by warning the people in the area where the load will pass.Make sure that the load is firmly attached to the hook and attached to the appropriate slings.It should not start to lift unless you are sure that it will not slip and that the balance is unbroken.

5. Can anyone use a crane?

Everyone can use the crane to know what to do, but it is imperative that the persons who are allowed to use the crane are minors and that there is no obstacle that can endanger the operation.It is necessary to ensure that those who are expected to use the crane will be trained in a short basic training to learn safety rules and basic crane operations.

6. Should be done compulsory annual inspection by who?

Operators may carry out daily, weekly maintenance as specified in the operating and maintenance instructions of the cranes. Monthly,if there are 3-month and 6-month maintenance and inspection can be performed by the maintenance and repair team of the operator.Firm who do not have expert teams to carry out inspections and planned maintenance can make maintenance agreements by contacting the crane manufacturer or a specialized organization that provides service on the crane. The extensive inspection and testing of crane must be repeated annually and must be carried out by specialist technical personnel of experts or crane manufacturer authorized by the chamber of mechanical engineers. Machines which have undergone major repairs or modifications or which have been taken over and carried to another operation must also undergo extensive inspection and testing in the manner specified above. Cranes which have undergone major repairs or modifications or which have been moved to another company must also undergo extensive inspection and testing in the manner specified above. The reports issued should be kept in company for the life of the machine.

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